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Sanctum is a nonprofit church and seminary for witches.



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Our Instructors

So, what do we mean by witch?

A witch is anyone who calls themself a witch.

That person can be of any culture, tradition, spiritual path, or walk of life. They can be of any gender and assigned any sex at birth. They can be of any nationality or ethnicity. They may be neurotypical or neurodivergent, abled or differently abled or disabled, and of any age.

Sanctum’s church and seminary teach *one* path on how to be a witch, but it is not the only path that is valid.

The path we teach has a few simple foundational tenets.

  1. People are not things.
  2. What we do matters.
  3. We have an obligation to all of humanity and to the world to make the world a better place.
  4. Our idea of what makes the world a better place is limited by our own experiences and inherent biases, so we must learn broadly, so that our narrow perspective does not cause well intentioned harm.
  5. When we learn we have caused harm, which is inevitable, we must try to do better next time.

For the clergy of the Seminary, there are two additional tenets:

  1. There are those who uphold a system of power that says that some people matter more than others. This may be because they are of a particular skin color or because they are of a particular class or because they have more money or because they were assigned a certain sex at birth or for any other reason. This is a flawed system and must be opposed.
  2. No one should ever have to bow, kneel, crawl, or be chained in order to be free.