Sanctum of the Craft

Sanctum of the Craft is an interfaith, intercultural, interdenominational, intersectional, and inclusive online church and seminary.

Our vision: To help create a world where all persons are empowered to recognize their own inherent value, help one another, and receive help when they are in need, no matter their religion, tradition, culture, spiritual path, or walk of life.

Our Mission: To make available knowledge and assistance that empowers persons to pursue their own path to spiritual and secular freedom and to create support and sanctuary for marginalized and oppressed communities.

Sanctum of the Craft believes that all people, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual identity, level of physical ability, level of neurotypicality, and socio-economic status, have inherent value as human beings and are deserving of dignity, compassion, and respect.