Mastery of Tarot

Join the pilot program for Sanctum of the Craft's seminary as we launch an in-depth course on the Tarot, taught by professional Tarot reader Akiima Nicholls Shields.

The course will cover the history of each of the Major Arcana, as well as the way they are interpreted in various systems of divination (Rider-Waite-Smith, Thoth, Golden-Dawn, Mathers, Etteilla, Theirens, Ouspensky). The course will also cover how Akiima interprets each of the cards upright and reversed for general, past, present, future, love, money, health, and spirituality, as well from an LGTQIA-perspective and common card combinations.

The Minor Arcana will be instructed on as well, going into the history of the suits as they changed through time and the divinatory use thereof. After each of the cards has been taught, the course will delve into layouts for readings and instructions on using the cards for spirit communication.

You will receive email updates on how to access your LMS account and participate in the course. Our suggested donation is $100 for the year long course; however, payment in order to attend is not required, as students are also serving as pilot users for our program. Completion will count for elective course credit for future degrees in the Divinity track offered through our seminary program.

Upon completion, students will also receive a digital copy of the book created through Akiima's lifelong study of the Tarot.


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