The Traditional Use of Herbal Emmenagogues, Abortifacients, and Contraceptives

Join Sanctum for a class on the historical use of herbal emmenagogues, abortifacients, and contraceptives, including the safety, efficacy, dosages, and methods used by witches and birth workers throughout history. This class is taught by the Master Herbalist Akiima Nicholls Shields, who has 30 years of experience and training, including 10 years of providing specialized consultations to midwives and doulas.

The class may be enrolled in at any time. In order to enroll, please enter your information below, and an alpha user account will be created for you in our learning management system. You will receive email updates on how to access your account and participate in the course. Our suggested donation is $20 for the entire program; however, payment in order to enroll is not required at this time.


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