Making a Home Protection Spell Box Out of Venomous Vulture Culture Finds

I’ve written out how I constructed the home protection spell box, but I want to note that this is a rough guideline, as not only are these spell components possibly hard to come by, but as we here at Sanctum hold firmly and deeply to the belief that each witch needs to find their own way and do things as it works for them to do so. Please feel free and encouraged to alter this working to align with both your available components and your style of practice.

Each of the components comes from a venomous, dangerous, or poisonous living thing, and all of the living things were of the sort who vehemently protected themselves and their homes. The box uses not only the energy of the spirit of those components, but it taps into the collective belief, caution, and fear that people have around those components.

People *know* these living things and the danger they represent. If someone were to be walking in the desert and hear a rattle, they would feel fear and back away. People hesitate to disturb a wasp nest or bee hive. Bobcats are extremely territorial and will aggressively defend their range - an adult bobcat is also only about 20 pounds, but they regularly bring down full size deer. There is at least one recorded incident of a bobcat fighting a bear.

The only once living component that did not come from a once living animal came from a mandrake root, but that is a peculiar distinction, since in many old school witch traditions, the mandrake is considered on the border between plant and animal, and often represents a person in spells and workings. The mandrake was chosen for that reason, and due to its well and rightfully earned reputation as a poison, and due to the legend that, when disturbed from its growing place, it would kill that which disturbed it.

I should also note that we did not hunt or kill any of the animals who contributed to the spell. The bobcat fur was a tagged hunting specimen obtained from a friend’s estate sale - the albino snake skin shed was a gift and taking shed skin doesn’t hurt the snake - the rattlesnake rattle was found on a dead rattlesnake in the Mojave desert - the bee and the wasp nest were collected after their deaths from other causes. The mandrake was given to me at the Starwood festival by someone in trade for books I wrote on entheogens and poisons.

I suppose the only living things we intentionally harmed with the spell are anyone who winds up targeted by the spell if they attempt to bring harm to the people of our house.

I don’t feel bad about that.

At the beginning of the spell, I poured a glass of bourbon and lit a cigar. These are used in the spell itself, as I used the bourbon and ash to put my mark in the box and claim it energetically as a working of my own, but also to put me in the mood for building the working and as an offering to the power that I called upon to assist me with it.
One of the powers that I work with fairly consistently likes his cigars and bourbon.

I spent time getting myself into the right headspace both by smoking and drinking and by lingering in the feeling of his attention and support. Then I made sure to really feel the energies of each component and layer them together in a way that felt right to me. I then breathed and spoke and instructed the working to life, gave it a bit of myself to keep it going, and sealed it with wax.

It went on the mantle so that I would continuously be reminded of its existence to boost its power and also to give it “pride of place” and honor the sacrifices of the living components.

Lastly, I blew out my candle and stood in the dark to really feel the wards go up and “click” into place and to *know* the working was done.

To make a working of your own, you will need:

  • Found, bartered, or traded for venomous, dangerous, or poisonous objects
  • (I used a piece of bobcat fur, a wasp nest, a bee, a piece of mandrake root, a rattlesnake rattle, and an snakeskin shed from a venomous albino snake, but you should use what you can find and what works for you)
  • A box (I used one modeled after a strong box because I liked the connotation of that, but again, use what you can find and what works for you)
  • A candle (I don’t use color associations with candles, but if you do, I would recommend using a color you associate with protection)
  • Something to mark the box as yours (you can make a mark out of anything you like, from spit to blood to ink to paint, I just happened to use ash and bourbon this time)

Mark the box as yours. Place each component in one at a time, making sure to appreciate the sacrifice involved, and to recognize its power, and to acknowledge the special energy each brings to the working. You are building a protection and these are the cornerstones - take the same care you would if you were picking out stones in a field to build a wall, both in the choosing of the objects, and in the care placing them into the work.

Layer the components into the box, then “charge” the box however works for you. I breathe life into it, I name it, and I give it a job, and then I give it a piece of myself to sustain it. I also regularly “check in” on its status and thank it for its good work.

I think of every working as a living thing, with needs and a spirit that requires acknowledgement and appreciation.

Lastly, seal the box and place it where it feels right for you to do so (I put mine in my mantle, but some prefer to keep home wards and protections hidden.)